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About Thailander

Lovers of Halal, Thai will adore Thailander. Our menu contains our perfected dishes created by our team of chefs who demand only the best. We think you’ll find the whole experience altogether different.

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7-9 Leytonstone Road
Stratford, E151JA

Customer Favourites


marinated and grilled, served with peanut sauce - 4 skewers


vegetable spring rolls deep fried and wrapped with pastry filled with clear noodles and vegetables


refreshing salad of papaya, peanuts and a dash of lime juice - spicy


traditional thai green curry with fresh herbs, bamboo shoots and aubergines


stir fried thai noodles with bean sprouts, spring onions and ground peanuts


Customer Reviews of Thailander

778 reviews


  • Very, very late arrival of food. Not good enough.


  • Food was ok but the customer service wasn't. I put in an order for 4 dishes and one of them, the beef salad, was not cooked properly. I think it was supposed to be medium rare but there were literally patches of meet which were completely raw and uncooked it was disgusting. I called them about my order and said I wanted another dish. The person I spoke to was very apologetic but then of course decided to tell me how it was my fault I ordered a dish which comes half cooked as that is how they do it and they cannot issue a refund. Firstly I've been eating Thai food for 20 years and I've never had rare meat and secondly it doesn't state on the website anywhere that the meat comes rare so how is this my fault? Thirdly even if the meat was supposed to be rare cooked it had patched which were medium, medium rare and almost completely raw so it was still not cooked properly. The restaurant then tried to say how they couldn't give me my money back or send me another dish and how I could order a new dish for free with my next order. I had to threaten to put in a complaint to hungry house and explain how the restaurant not stating how their food is cooked on their own menu is not my fault, particularly given that in my entire life across a good 4 continents I have never ordered oriental food of any kind where the meat was cooked rare particularly in a salad. I also had to explain that having pieces of meat which had completely raw patches in the middle but were cooked through on the edges is not rare meat its simply badly cooked meat which was also rather cold and had been sitting at a mild temperature for at least 30 minutes as it took over an hour for our food and so presented a health hazard (I know this because I am food safety trained). It was only after all this they offered to replace my food. I will be complaining to hungry house as its disgusting to blame customers for their lack of information and then trying to get out of replacing sub standard food.


  • They messed up my order twice in a row.


  • Very bland food. the chicken satay had a very strange texture and the sweetcorn cakes were very greasy.


  • Always yum


  • Proper Thai! Swerve the fusion places that claim to be a jack of all trades, this Thai is as good as you're likely to get. Quality selection and driver instructions were followed to the letter. Lovely jubbly!


  • Food took 2 hours to arrive, and a few chasing phone calls. Real shame as I'd heard such wonderful things. It was tasty but lukewarm when it arrived.


  • Delivery was faster that advised. Food really tasty. I am a returning customer and never been disappointed so far.


  • I have ordered from here a few times and it has been late every time. The food is nice but not worth the wait and the price. Will not be using this restaurant again.


  • Don't bother. Food came a fair bit late then it was bland and sub-standard. Never again. 👎🏼


  • Took 2 hours to arrive and was cold. Quality is always very good, but it's always a 2 hour wait.


  • [RESUBMITTED]i order here all the time... By far my favourite!


  • The rice was ok just a bit to oily, the prawns was ok but there was only 4 of them there was to much vegetables, they need to change the direction because it's unfair


  • Usually I would rave about thailander but a 2.5 hour wait and cold food I ve spoken to them and requested a full refund


  • The som tam had zero chilli in it even though this dish should be quite spicy. Not sure if they forgot? But I was disappointed